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The third side of innocence. Installations

22 stycznia – 20 lutego 2016

ART MAIN STATION by mia, , Dworzec Główny PKP, ul. Piłsudskiego 105

The exhibition displayed at the Main Railway Station in Wroclaw presents  artworks of acclaimed sixteen artists  (including : Grupa LUXUS, Izabela Gustowska, Józef Hałas)  form the collection of the Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts which has been compiled since 2004.

The installation’s core elements such as industrial reference, light and color create a space for special illusionist effects, giving the exposition a poetic dimension.


Curator: prof. Waldemar Okoń

Organizers: Fundacja All That Art!

Partner: Europejska Stolica Kultury Wrocław 2016, Dolnośląskie Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych

Free Entrance


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