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The Wrocek Comedy Festival | Episode 8

6 September, 8:00 p.m.
Episode 8 – "Life creates jokes" (Stand-Up)


Mateusz Świerski – Comedian, improviser, philosopher, superhero and a dreamer with wild imagination. He would like to change the world, but he is too lazy to do so. On the stage he is not afraid to talk about anything. Nasty stuff, you cannot get rid of it.

Adam van Bendler – Comedian from the Tricity, Stand-Rapper. Father of Stand-Up Tricity. A great optimist with slight suicidal tendencies. Creator of the saying "There’s no bounce without distance".

Maciej Brudzewski – Comedian from Olsztyn and creator of the Stand-up Inferno in Galeria Sowa, Perła Live Pub in Giżycko and Perła Live Pub in Szczytno. As a host, he had the opportunity to work with Abelard Giza, Kacper Ruciński, Wiolka Walaszczyk, Rafał Pacześ and others. He has been working for less than a year, and yet his great performances brought him to the final of the 2nd edition of the Antrakt Stand-Up Festival. His greatest success was high-fiving Piasek, and greatest failure – missing a high-five with Edyta Górniak. His performances are based on stories inspired by real events, as he watches reality TV shows about schools and hospitals, which is why he knows everything there is about life.

When: Tuesday, 6 September, 8:00 p.m.
Where: Stary Klasztor, Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
How much:
16 PLN promotional – for everyone buying a ticket before the show;
20 PLN normal – price on the day of the show;
If you did not manage to get your ticket on-line, do not worry – they will be available 1 hour before the show at the venue.
Note: The show is intended for audiences of over 15 years old.

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