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The Wrocek Comedy Festival | Episode 9

9 September, 8:00 p.m.
Episode 9 – "Silesian stand-up scene" (Stand-Up)

MARIUSZ KAŁAMAGA – stand-up comedian, sharp, unpredictable and raising issues that are important to him. Perversely funny, pays attention to what’s nonsensical, stupid and controversial.

JACEK NOCH – stand-up comedian, one of the “milder” representatives of the genre. His shows are characterised by his warmth and distance towards himself and life, which perhaps is nothing out of the ordinary, but combined with his illness – multiple sclerosis – makes him hypnotise his audiences with optimism, even as a terminally ill man. Winner of the open mic competition in Tylko Dla Dorosłych in TVP2, he has also appeared on the stage of Kuba Wojewódzki’s show.

When: Friday, 9 September, 8:00 p.m.
Where: Stary Klasztor, Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
How much:
35 PLN promotional – for everyone buying a ticket before the show;

40 PLN normal – price on the day of the show;

If you did not manage to get your ticket on-line, do not worry – they will be available 1 hour before the show at the venue.

Note: The show is intended for audiences of over 15 years old.

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