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Underwater Wrocław

1718 June 2016
Open air festival
25 June 2016
Browar Mieszczański / Bourgeois Brewery

The annual celebration of independent art: concerts, exhibitions, performances, installations, sculpture, photography, painting, multimedia, fashion shows, video art exhibitions, performance art, workshops, films, presentations of the literary scene and events for the youngest participants. The majority of those events will take place on ships, cruising the Odra River. Apart from that: 14 exhibition halls, 200 artists, 5 concerts. Beer on a bench, food straight from a food truck and many other attractions. 

We would like to invite the residents of the city and everyone fascinated and attracted by Wrocław to help and co-create the events, teeming with the spirit and the atmosphere of the city. Underwater Wrocław is a spontaneous and open festival, which draws on the experiences and ethos of the alternative circulation of culture. We are different because of our style, interests and tools of artistic expressions, yet we are connected by the belief that there are delicate ties between the creator, the viewer and the context of action, which should not be severed or made irrelevant, but nurtured instead. In this case the city is the context. Underwater Wrocław does not aspire to be a revision or to create new artistic canons, participate in political or ideological disputes or races. It is the voice and a manifestation of the group that put Wrocław on its underwater map.

Curator / Director Arkadiusz Bagiński
Organiser: Industrial Art Association / Erdo Foundation
Paid admission to some of the events


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