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Wroclaw Cultural Guide

Biuro Wrocław 2016 (the Wrocław 2016 Office) is launching a special supplement in English to the Wrocław Cultural Guide published every month. Cultural information for tourists can also be found on-line - on the website and on the Facebook profile of the Office. It is an invitation for our international guests to take part in the cultural life of the city.


Inside, the readers will find announcements and teasers for planned events and projects carried out by the Wrocław 2016 Office and other cultural institutions in the city, as well as a column about all things Wrocław.

We encourage everyone to explore what’s inside.

Cultural information in English may be found in the Wrocław Cultural Guide, distributed throughout the city: at Barbara (Świdnicka 8b), clubs, restaurants, cultural institutions, as well as Impart ticket offices (Mazowiecka 17). It is also available on-line at:, and on Facebook:

The PDF version of the Wrocław Cultural Guide can be found: HERE

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