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Wroclaw Cultural Guide for winter

In the new issue of the Cultural Guide for the two upcoming winter months, we take a closer look on holiday traditions of four denominations – after all, Wrocław is home to the Four Denominations District for a reason. We suggest unique ideas for locally produced gifts and we talk about Sweet Boy – the smallest mobile confectionery in the city, whose products make the buyers and gourmets sing Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris, while the remains of glazing indicate what caused such a state.

With Roman Stanek, we share a few tips about spending the New Year’s Eve in a different way – actively, without sequins and in great mood. This winter, make sure to include the tenth anniversary of Small Instruments in Impart in your cultural schedule – you can learn more in the interview with Paweł Romańczuk.

You will also have an opportunity to see New portraits gallery of Polish rulers. Świerzy versus Matejko at the Wrocław City Museum, as well as Concrete Wrocław at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

If you still feel that it was not enough – as you should! – we offer over 150 cultural events. Soon, the new year will start. Old things improve and new things start, and so do we. The European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 office will transform into Culture Zone Wrocław. The new institutions, programming plans and the change process is outlined in the interview with Dominika Kawalerowicz and Krzysztof Maj. We wish you a culture-filled winter and “good changes” for the better.
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